Orlando, Florida

From Orlando’s Local6.com of October 1, 2007

Chinese Restaurant Employee Opens Fire On Gang Of Robbers

An employee of a Chinese restaurant in Orange County, Fla., opened fire on four men robbing the business early Monday, hitting at least one of them with bullets, according to police.

Investigators said four armed men burst into the King Express restaurant located on Oakridge and Texas, using the front and back door and surrounding employees.

Detectives said one of the culprits fired his gun into the ground because an employee apparently was not moving quickly enough.

At some time during the crime, an employee escaped, ran to his vehicle and grabbed a gun.

As the men tried to flee in a vehicle, the restaurant worker fired into the vehicle, police said.

Officers said the driver of the getaway car apparently panicked during the gunfire and slammed into a building.

Two of the suspects were captured when deputies arrived and two others fled on foot.

One of the robbery suspects was shot and injured but was expected to recover.

“It’s one of those things that in this case, it worked out to the employee’s advantage,” Orange County Sheriff’s Cmdr. Rick Luckey said. “It very well could have turned the other way around and could have been deadly for the employee, the suspects or both.”

Police continue to search for the missing two robbers.


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