Jackson, Mississippi

From Jackson’s WJTV.com of September 28, 2007

Homeowner Defends Home

Patricia Parker was home watching Wheel of Fortune on televsion Friday night. She says just before 7pm she heard her live in boyfriend Otis yell out her name. She says… at that point, she knew something was wrong.

“He said, Tricia, Just like that. He said Tricia and I knew something was wrong.”

When Patricia walked outside she realized that her boyfriend was holding a knife aimed at a man lying on their back porch. Patricia belives the man was trying to steal their air conditioner, and that Otis caught him in the act. She says Otis was so frustrated, he went into the house to get his gun. Instead of taking that opportunity to flee, the suspect ran into the house after Otis.

Patricia says at that point, things seemed to get out of hand.

“I said Otis, please don’t shoot that man, please don’t shoot him. But he shot twice. ”

The suspect eventually ran out of the home, with Otis hot on his trial. He was struck at least twice, buy bullets in Otis’ gun. Police found the suspect running down State Street, apparently trying to get to a nearby hospital.

Otis was taken away in handcuffs, though police say he probably won’t face any charges. The suspect is recovering at a local hospital. He will likely end up in handcuffs once he is released from the hospital.


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