San Antonio, Texas

From San Antonio’s of September 26, 2007

Father Attacked During Home Invasion

A man posing as a police officer forces his way into a home and terrorizes a San Antonio family. The fake police officer attacked the father inside that house, as children and wife watched.

“He hit me with a crow bar in the face threatening to kill me,” said the father, who did not want to his identity revealed because he still fears for his family.

He did reveal all of his stitches and staples from the attack.

“All the blood was in my eyes,” he said.

He tells News 4 WOAI that he woke up about 3:30 in the morning because someone was trying to pry open the door.

“[The attacker] was posing as a San Antonio Police Department and it was a house raid,” said the father. “Two other men came around with pistols and forced their way into the house.”

Police say the three men demanded money from him and his wife, while his kids stood by them.

“A three year old and an eight year old scared out of their mind,” the father said. “They didn’t know what he was going on.”

Scared for his family, the father fought back.

“I wasn’t going to lay down and let them do what they wanted in my home,” said the father. “Good Lord only what they would have done if I would have cooperated they could have killed all of us.”

But they didn’t because this father managed to get to his gun and fired several shots scaring all three men out of his home.

“We plan on moving out of the neighborhood,” said the father. “I’ve lived here over 30 years, and it’s just not safe.”


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