Louisville, Kentucky

From the WLEX of September 18, 2007

Suspects In Home Invasion Killed

Police say two men are dead after an early morning shooting in Louisville.

Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley says it appears the men were attempting a home invasion at an apartment complex, and got into a confrontation with the resident.

Smiley says the resident appears to have shot both men. She says the resident suffered minor injuries and is being questioned.

Smiley says the two men who were shot died at the scene.

From the Courier-Journal of September 18, 2007

Two men fatally shot in Hunters Trace

Two men were killed in early morning shootings in the 1700 block of Tempest Way in the Hunters Trace area, police said.

The shootings took place just before 6:30 after a possible home invasion at the Thunder Bird apartment complex, said police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley.

A resident of a second-floor aparment told police that he fought with the two men. One man was found dead on a second-floor balcony outside his apartment; the second man was found dead in the middle of Tempest Way. The resident suffered minor injuries.

None of the three men has been identified.


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