Rochester Hills, MIchigan

From the Detroit News of September 11, 2007

Rochester Hills dad kills pit bull that mauled family pet

Oakland County sheriff’s investigators are looking for the owner of a pit bull dog that was fatally shot by a man trying to get the animal to stop mauling his pet.

Deputies about 8:30 a.m. responded to a home on Eastern Street responding to reports of a BB gun being fired. They discovered that a man had fatally shot a pit bull with a 12-gauge shotgun after the dog clamped its jaws on the family dog’s neck and refused to let go of the pet, sheriff’s officials said.

The man’s children were in the fenced, backyard of the home with the family pet when the pit bull attacked it, sheriff’s officials said. The dad threw several objects at the pit bull to try and stop the attack.

When the pit bull would not let the family pet go, the dad went into his house and got the rifle [sic]. He fired a warning shot and then shot the pit bull once, sheriff’s officials said.

Deputies said the pit bull did not have identification tags and they did not know who owned the dog. The man’s home has a fenced yard.

It was not clear what happened to the other dog.


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