Henrico, Virginia

From Richmond’s WTVR.com of September 10, 2007

Fox Shot & Killed In Henrico

A fox that terroized a East End neighorhood this weekend is dead.

The animal believed to be behind three separate attacks Saturday and Sunday. The first happened Saturday evening. A man fishing near the landfill on Charles City Road says the animal bit him several times.

Then not far away, a woman on Southbury Avenue got bit going to get her Sunday morning paper. At that point Animal Control Officers set up traps.

But the fox outwitted them and ended up making its way to Wildnerness Court and having a run-in with a dog. Ernest Kidd said his dog bit it, and he thought it was dead. It just acted like for a moment, then turned on the dog. Kidd says he pulled out his pistol and fired at the fox. He thought he hit it, but didn’t.

Thankfully his neighbor came home and helped wrangle the animal.

Here’s how Kidd says it happened.

“We saw it up in the dog house so he told me to lean around the doghouse, put the gun inside and shoot, so I shot it and the thing came out the dog house man, came toward us. So I threw a brick on it and I shot it again and then threw another brick on it and the neighbor shot a round into it and we thought it would lie there and die and 20 minutes later it was still moving.”

Luckily, by that time Henrico Animal Control arrived on scene and euthanized the fox. They’re going to test if for Rabies Monday.

Kidd’s dog is up to date on its rabies shot, but still must be quarantined for 45 days as a precaution.

Henrico Police say this serves as a good warning for everyone.

“Wildlife is normally going to stay far away from us, but if its up near people- it’s acting weird, agressive, or like it’s drunk- it’s probably going to be rabid,” says Lt. Doug Perry.


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