Greers Ferry, Arkansas

From Little Rock’s of September 6, 2007

Store-owner Fires Shots in Greers Ferry Store

A grocery store owner shoots a man during an argument over forged checks.

It happened Thursday afternoon at the Family Market in Greers Ferry. That’s in Cleburne County.

The shooting happened around 1:00 Thursday afternoon and people in the small town of Greers Ferry knew about it by 2:00 pm.

And what some people thought was a robbery was just a discussion gone wrong.

The Cleburne County Sheriff says a 25 year old man entered the Family Market to speak to the owner, Robert Knighten.

The two men were in the office discussing some stolen and forged checks that were cashed at the store.

One thing led to another and an exchange of words turned into an exchange of fists when the owner grabbed a pistol and shot the other man two times.

He was later air-evaced to a Little Rock hospital for surgery.

“This is not a common occurrence in Cleburne County especially in Greers Ferry. This is a wonderful place with wonderful people up here and it’s kind of a shock to people here for something like this to happen,” explains Sheriff Marty Moss.

The Sheriff says no one else was injured in the incident even though there were at least half a dozen people inside the store.

The shooting did force the Sheriff’s Department to lock down the nearby school as a precaution.


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