Greenville, South Carolina

From Greenville’s of September 5, 2007

Deputies: Homeowner Shoots Kills Burglar

A homeowner shot and killed a man trying to burglarize a Greenville County home late Tuesday night, investigators said.

Deputies said the homeowner was stabbed during the incident at a home on Lake Shore Drive.

Investigators said they got a call about 11 p.m.

The homeowners, a man and his wife, were inside the home when they arrived.

Deputies said that when they arrived, the homeowner told them that the burglar broke in through a window.

The homeowner said that he confronted the burglar in a hallway.

During a struggle, the homeowner was stabbed and the burglar was fatally shot.

The burglar died at the scene.

“At this point we haven’t made an identification on the deceased,” Greenville County Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Ridgeway said. “The homeowner’s at the hospital at this time.”

Investigators said that the homeowner is doing well and that the homeowner’s wife was not hurt.

An autopsy is planned on the burglary suspect’s body later on Wednesday.

From Greenville’s of September 6, 2007

Deputies: Wounded Homeowner Kills Intruder

Though he was slashed several times, a retired pastor who lives in Greenville County managed to shoot and kill an intruder Tuesday night, deputies said.

Deputies said they were called to the home on Lake Shore Drive, just down the road from the Donaldson Center Airport, at about 11:30 p.m. The homeowners, 70-year-old William Willis and his wife Judith, were at the home when they arrived. They said Judith Willis was sitting on the side porch in her nightgown, her arms covered in blood.

Investigators said Judith Willis told them that she woke her husband after she heard a noise in another room. William Willis grabbed a gun that he kept in the bedroom and went to investigate.

Willis said he confronted a man that was in another room. Deputies said Willis was cut several times during the scuffle, the most serious wound to his arm.

Deputies said Willis shot the intruder several times. He later died at the scene.

Investigators said that Willis was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital. As of noon time, he was reported to be in good condition.

Deputies said that Judith Willis was not injured in the incident — the blood on her arms was not hers.

Brock’s wife, Mary Brock, told WYFF that Willis is a retired pastor who moved to the Upstate from New York. She said, “I’m glad that they’re still here. I thank God that they are still here and He gave mercy for them last night as well as forever.”

An autopsy is planned on the man who was killed later on Wednesday.

Greenville County Sheriff’s Master Deputy Michael Hildebrand said, “From the information we’ve gotten so far, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any charges against the victim. Looks like he was merely protecting his property which is justified under the law.”

The coroner’s office has identified the man who was killed, but they are trying to notify his family before releasing his name.

His last known address was at the Greenville County Detention Center.

The Solicitor’s Office will review the case, but deputies said no charges are expected.


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