Miami, Florida

From Miami’s of August 23, 2007

Homeowner Fights Back Against Would-Be Burglar

A man said he went into his home and found a burglar armed with a knife Wednesday. The homeowner took out his gun and fired two shots in the air.

He said he didn’t want to kill the burglar, he only wanted to scare him.

Miami police swarmed the Northwest Miami neighborhood.

“I got on the radio and I requested police assistance for an emergency,” Capt. Pete Gomez of Miami Fire Rescue said. “I told the gentleman to put the weapon down and put his hands up in the air.”

Gomez said he saw the homeowner with a gun in the middle of the street.

“I was stopped there in the traffic,” he said. “I noticed two guys. One guy was jumping the fence, the gate here, and the other gentleman was approaching with a weapon in his hand, with a gun in his hand. The next thing I know, he starts firing rounds. It looks like they had a few words. The gentleman that was jumping the fence kind of like, stumbled a little bit, turned and started to run.”

Miami police’s K-9 units, along with other K-9 units from different agencies, were able to locate the burglary suspect hiding out in the same neighborhood.

“He was captured by police,” Delrish Moss with the Miami Police Department said. “But that wasn’t a good capture either because, at the end of the day, a Miami Beach police officer with a dog ended up apprehending him and he was also bitten by the dog. This wasn’t his lucky day.”

There were many agencies with K-9 units in the area because Coral Gables and Miami Beach police K-9 units were trained with Miami police. Once they got the 911 call, they swarmed the area with an army of dogs.

From Miami’s of August 22, 2007

Miami Homeowner Shoots At Home Invasion Suspect

A homeowner might have taken the law into his own hands when a man allegedly broke into his home in Miami, shooting at the suspect.

Wednesday afternoon the City of Miami Fire chief was in the area of Northwest 22nd Avenue and 18th Street when he allegedly witnessed the shooting, calling polic [sic] for help. Once they arrived, police surrounded a perimeter in the neighborhood, looking for the suspect, who might be hurt.

They found him hiding in some bushes in a nearby apartment complex. A police dog spotted the suspect, who was all bloodied from injuries suffered during the alleged break-in.


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