Cottonwood, Texas

From the Fort Bend Herald of August 6, 2007

Rabid skunk illustrates need for caution against disease

Jolie Zulkowski said the first indication something was amiss was when her son’s dog started barking outside.

She went out and found a skunk.
“It wandered up underneath our truck on Sunday morning,” said Zulkowski, who lives in the Cottonwood area.

Her daughter’s boyfriend killed the skunk with a shotgun, and the family preserved the carcass and took it to Fort Bend Animal Control on Monday. The animal tested positive for rabies, the family learned Tuesday.

This is the first time she has seen a skunk on her property.

“If you know anything about the country, a skunk in the daytime is normally not a good sign,” she said.

Skunks are nocturnal animals, and daytime activity usually means they’re rabid, she said.

Her son’s dog, the same dog that barked at the skunk, is now in quarantine, where it must remain for 45 days. All of the animals on her property were given booster shots as a precaution.


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