Dallas, Texas

From CBS11 of August 2, 2007

N. Texas Man Fights Back, Shoots Would-Be Robber

Police say an elderly North Texan battled robbers, shooting one of them during an attack in Pleasant Grove.

72-year-old Robert Cushingberry says he was just defending himself when two men approached him and a companion wanting money.

Cushingberry says he’s been robbed before. Because of that, he says, he now takes precautions.

Cushingberry says when the men approached and started threatening him, he pulled out a gun from under his seat and opened fire. So did the two men. “I was standing at the at the back of my truck where my pistol was,” he said, “when he saw me reach in there to get it. That’s when he shot the first two times. After that, it was just one on one.”

Blood stains cover the parking lot where it happened at Overton and Bonnie View. Bullet holes are scattered throughout Cushingberry’s truck.

People in this Pleasant Grove neighborhood say they would like to see the area cleaned up.

Jeff Jefferson lives in the area. “You are going to have the good and the bad,” he said. “Do things they are not supposed to do. Hopefully we can clean up the area.”

One of the robbers was shot in the stomach and taken to Baylor Hospital. The second suspect has been arrested. Cushingberry has not been charged.


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