Limestone County, Alabama

From Huntsville’s WAFF,com of July 30, 2007

2 men arrested for stealing garbage

Two men were arrested for trying to steal garbage.

24 year old Timothy Darnell Maynor and 20 year old Shaun Christopher Holley targeted the home of a disabled Limestone County man, apparently trying to steal the aluminum cans he collected for supplemental income.

The men didn’t get the cans, but they did get a big surprise.

Robert Shoulder proved that he may be down, but certainly don’t count him out.

“To supplement his income, he does get out and try to collect cans for resale,” says Captain Stanley Mcnatt.

Shoulder says the night before the incident, sacks full of cans turned up missing.

“The next day I come back by there and I caught these boys stealing my cans,” says Shoulder.

He immediately called the Limestone County Sheriff’s Department.

“Well I was out there in the yard. They thought we had gone. I was sitting in the truck and they walked back up, cause they were going to try to get in the car and get away,” says Shoulder. : “The one guy, he started towards me and I told him to stop and he kept coming, so I pulled my gun out on him and he was made to lay down on the ground.”

The partner was also made to wait for law enforcement.

“They observed our victim having 2 individuals held at gunpoint, that he had caught stealing his aluminum cans,” says Mcnatt. “It is unusual, but it’s not the first time that this has happened, where a victim of a crime has held someone at gunpoint, but it is unusual…..”

Sheriff’s officials say they also cleared up another burglary case with these arrests.


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