Mt. Oliver, Pennsylvania

From of July 27, 2007

Family Upset After Neighbor Shoots, Kills Dog

A 12-year-old Mount Oliver boy broke down on Thursday after his dog was shot and killed right in front of him.

One of the Jackson family’s three pit bulls left its yard without a leash Thursday night.

Neighbor Jim Peelor said the dog came after him three times in 10 minutes while he was walking his dogs.

The family of the boy said there was no reason for its neighbor to shoot and kill its pit bull, but the man said he was in danger, so he fired.

“I just screamed, ‘Why did you do that?'” said Devin Jackson, who witnessed the shooting. “I picked up her head. I tried to pet her. She just died.”

Peelor said he felt threatened when the dog kept circling him, so he got out his gun.

“It wasn’t like the dog ran out and I shot him,” Peelor said.

Through tears, Peelor said he wished it didn’t have to come down to that, but he had to protect his pets.

“I was in a spot where I felt like I had to watch him die or kill the other,” Peelor said. “I told the kid, I screamed, I pleaded, ‘Go get help.’ I’m an animal lover. I love animals, and the last thing I want to do is kill one.”

There is no word on whether Peelor will be charged.


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