Spokane, Washington

From Spokane’s KXLY.com of June 16, 2007

Man involved in Thursday’s fatal shooting says it was in self-defense

The man who was involved Thursday’s shooting in east Spokane that left a 24-year-old man dead spoke out for the first time on Saturday.

Allan Turnipseed carries a gun with him at all times. But he’d never had to use it until Thursday. He says his life, and the lives of his family, were in danger.

Thursday afternoon’s shooting was a small incident that spiraled out of control. That is the story from Turnipseed, the man accused of shooting 24-year-old Joshua Smith.

Turnipseed has not been jailed and is currently a free man. He declined to go on camera, but spoke from his home. He says on Wednesday evening, he witnessed two young men driving down 8th Avenue, one of them tossing a beer can out the window. He confronted the pair, and as he went to call police, they left.

On Thursday, Turnipseed says he was driving down Ferrall when he saw the same Mazda, with the same men inside and Smith driving. Sensing trouble, Turnipseed says he moved his car to block the young men from coming near his home.

He then alleges Smith drove up to the car and said he wanted to take a crowbar to his face, then took a crowbar out and began making threats. Turnipseed says he pulled his .380-caliber gun and tried to make a citizen’s arrest. He then stood in front of Smith’s car to keep them from leaving. Seconds later, Smith allegedly tried to run Turnipseed over. Turnipseed was hit, and as he clung onto the hood, fired two shots into the car.

Turnipseed believes the men were drinking, and adds that he’ll accept any charges that may come. Police say it is illegal to make a citizen’s arrest in Washington. The shooting is still under investigation.

No subsequent stories about this incident can be found


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