Orange County, Florida

From Orlando‘s of July 25, 2007

Clerk Fights Back After Robbery At Convenience Store

Tuesday night, a convenience store clerk fought back when two robbers stole money from his store. As the robbers ran away from the Kwik Stop store on West Colonial Drive, the clerk opened fire.

Just as the robbers thought they were getting away, the clerk at the Kwik Stop took matters into his own hands, opening fire on two robbers who ran from the store he was working at.

The sign over the convenience store says food, lotto, and beer, but firepower could be added to the list of offerings. The store was closed Wednesday morning, but Tuesday night, just past 11:00, two armed men wearing hats over their faces walked in, jumped over the front counter and demanded cash.

The clerk complied. The robbers began to run away. That’s when this victim turned the tables.

He had armed himself with his own handgun and chased the bad guys into the parking lot. The clerk fired at least two shots at the robbers.

Deputies said the store does have security cameras and investigators were looking over tape Wednesday morning. It was a scary night for the victim and the robbers.

It was unclear Wednesday if the clerk’s bullet hit either of the two robbers.


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