Memphis, Tennessee

From Eyewitness News of July 11, 2007

One Robber Killed, Another Is In The Hospital

Two men, who tried to rob a patio party, found themselves looking down the end of the apartment owner’s gun barrel.

According to witnesses, two men walked up and asked if they were having a party. The men then left and returned with guns and tried to rob the party.

Witnesses say the apartment owner then got his gun and told the robbers to put down their guns. When the robbers didn’t, the apartment owner shot both robbers. One robber was shot in the head and killed; the other is in critical condition at the MED with a gun shot wound.

Police say they are still investigating the shooting and no charges have been filed.

From the Commercial Appeal of July 12, 2007

Party host who killed robber will not be prosecuted

The man who shot two robbers who showed up at his party – killing one of them – will not be prosecuted, police said Thursday.

The slain robber was identified as Terry Anthony, 22. A second would-be robber, who has not yet been identified, likely will face aggravated robbery charges once he is released from the Regional Medical Center at Memphis. He is in stable condition.

About 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, Anthony and the second man approached several people at a party at 6530 Birchwood Lane in the Greenbrook Apartments off Macon in East Memphis.

Anthony pulled out a handgun and the two announced a robbery. The resident of the apartment was armed and shot both robbers, killing Anthony.

The two robbers crashed the party earlier, then left. When they returned, the resident of the apartment noticed at least one of them was wearing gloves, and got his pistol.

Thursday, the District Attorney General’s office said they will not seek charges against the shooter.


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