Idaho Falls, Idaho

From Idaho Falls’ of July 6, 2007

Stranger Found Lying On Child’s Floor

Imagine checking on your 5-year-old daughter in the night and finding a complete stranger sprawled out on the floor next to her.

That’s exactly what happened to an Idaho Falls family Thursday night.

“Went in kids bathroom and his hat and his shorts were on the floor and I thought that’s weird and so I ran to my husband and I said Brock there’s someone in the house,” said Shannon Hayward.

A stranger was out cold on the floor, sleeping next to Hayward’s 5-year-old step daughter.

“I froze, you know, you don’t know what you’ll do in that situation until it happens, I kept asking my husband, what do I do?

The man is identified by police as 21-year-old Daniel Stanton of Idaho Falls.

“Really shaggy, brown hair, about to his chin, piercing all over his face, about 6 foot tall,” said Hayward.

While Shannon spoke with 911 dispatchers, her husband grabbed a rifle and ordered Stanton out of the room at gun point.

“He kept saying I don’t know where I am, my husband kept saying what are you doing in my house? He was out of it, really out of it,” she said.

The police report says Stanton’s blood alcohol was nearly twice the limit at 8 in the morning. The Hayward’s think he was partying at a house nearby.

They say the experience was enough to triple check their locks every night before bed.

Daniel Stanton was cited for unlawful entry and released.


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