Midwest City, Oklahoma

From Oklahoma City’s KOCO.com of June 30, 2007

Pit Bull Shot After Attack

Dog Owner Cited For Harboring Vicious Animal

Midwest City police said they wouldn’t cite a man who shot a pit bull terrier that was attacking a meter reader.

Jason Fish was reading a meter for Oklahoma Gas and Electric Friday when police said the dog attacked him. A neighbor heard Fish screaming and shot and killed the animal with a shotgun.

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said Fish was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Clabes said the dog’s owner — Terry Almon — was cited for harboring a vicious animal.

From the Midwest City Sun of July 3, 2007

Neighbor shoots dog in Midwest City

A dog was shot after attacking a meter reader Friday, according to Midwest City assistant police chief Jay Dee Collins.

Collins said at about 11:30 a.m., the Midwest City 911 center received a call about a person being attacked by dogs in the backyard at 214 E. Jacobs.

Jason Fish, a meter reader for Oklahoma Gas and Electric, approached to read the meter. He rattled the gate and one dog came to him and seemed friendly, Collins said. He then hopped over the gate and was met by two additional dogs, one of which was aggressive, Collins said.

The dog, a mixed breed, started attacking Fish, biting him numerous times on the arms, hands and ankle, Collins said. The meter reader called for help and his calls of distress were heard by a neighbor, Collins said.

Collins said the neighbor looked out and saw the man in trouble and distracted the dog.

“The dog came toward him and he shot one round and incapacitated the dog at that point,” Collins said.

At that point, the meter reader was able to escape back over the fence.

Police, fire and EMS arrived. The victim was taken by ambulance to the Midwest Regional Hospital, Collins said.

The dog was taken into custody by animal control and died on the way to the shelter, Collins said.

Charges were filed against the owner of the dog, Terry Almon, for harboring a viscious animal, Collins said.

Charges were not filed against the shooter because he fired to preserve the life of another person, Collins said.

Almon said his dog, Princess, has never attacked anyone before.

“It surprised me,” he said.

Almon also said it would not be possible for the neighbor to be aware of what took place in the yard.

“I have a 6-foot stockade fence around my house,” Almon said. “He couldn’t see anything.”

Arkie Stevens, the alleged shooter, did not wish to comment.


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