Las Vegas, Nevada

From Las Vegas’ of June 26, 2007

Suspected Robber Left Dead After Attempted Jewelry Store Robbery

A neighborhood is briefly on lockdown, following a shootout in a local jewelry store.

Now one person is dead and police are searching for a possible suspect.

The search is on for that possible suspect, but right now Metro has two people in custody.

It was a crime that had police scrambling through several eastside neighborhoods chasing a suspected robber.

It all started at a jewelry store. Police say two or three men and a woman went in with guns to rob the place.

They say they were confronted by a woman working in the store, and during that run-in one of the suspects ended up shot.

That suspect later died.

People in the neighborhood saw the other suspected robbers run right by them.

Roy Martin Middle School and Sunrise Acres Elementary both went into lockdown, as police chased and caught a man and a woman they say may be involved.

Police believe there may be one more suspect on the loose, and the neighborhood is still shaken up.

The video which accompanies this story confirms that the clerk shot the robber.

From Las Vegas’ of June 26, 2007

Robber dies after being shot by store owner

A robbery suspect is dead following a robbery gone bad at a jewelry store. It happened Tuesday morning at the Gold Doctor jewelry store on Mojave near Charleston. Another suspect is still on the run.

Police say at least four people entered the jewelry store at around 11:30 Tuesday morning; police say at least two of them were armed. It’s then that police say a struggle ensued between the suspects and the business owners.

One of the owners managed to wrestle a gun away from a suspect. The owner shot the suspect in the abdomen; he was transported to a local hospital where he later died. As for the other suspects involved, police did managed to detain two, a male and a female just blocks away from the crime scene.

The fourth suspect is still on the loose and police just have a vague description to go on. He is described at a black male adult with very short hair, and he’s believed to be wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

Police tell us the owners are obviously shaken up, but fortunately they were not injured. Police also tell us that at this time it’s too early in the investigation to talk about whether the owner who shot the suspect will face charges in all of this or if it may just be ruled self defense.

From Las Vegas’ of June 26, 2007

Details into the fatal robbery at local jewelry store

We now know more about a deadly store robbery that happened Wednesday morning. Two suspects are in custody while another is dead – shot by the store owner.

It’s back to business at the Gold Doctor jewelry store; the only signs of any crime is a single bullet hole in the door blinds. But a much scarier scene is detailed in the arrest report – an inside look into Tuesday’s robbery gone bad.

The report says two suspects, armed with semi-automatic handguns, kicked in the front door and wrestled with store owner Zane Houston. Kenneth Kalbach, another owner, heard the commotion and tried to fight back by jumping on the suspect.

A third employee, Beatriz Hernandez, was held hostage with a gun to her head. Meanwhile, two other suspects, Miya Mason and Thurman Hall, were waiting outside with a getaway car.

As Kalbach watched the robber approach him, he feared for his life but still managed to get the robber’s gun; Kalbach fatally shot him in the stomach.

The police report says that Mason and Hall admitted they took part in the robbery, but the investigation is not over yet; one more suspect is still on the loose.

Mason and Hall are expected to appear in court Thursday morning on charges of conspiracy, robbery, kidnapping and murder.


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