Maxton, North Carolina

From the Lumberton Robesonian of June 25, 2007

Third man sought in botched robbery

Authorities are looking for a third man involved in a botched break-in that left one of the alleged burglars suffering from gunshot wounds.

Police say that Shawn Emanual, 25, of 521 McQueen Road, Shannon, was shot by the homeowner while breaking into a home at 609 N.C. 71 North on June 7. Emanual and Jeffrey “Will Steal” Locklear, 30, of 1312 Red Hill Road, Maxton, were charged with breaking into the home.

Police Detective Lt. Jamie Oxendine said authorities do not have the identity of the third man.

Oxendine said Emanual broke into Wyvis Oxendine’s home at about 3:40 p.m. Wyvis Oxendine was watching television as his 15-year-old daughter took a nap.

“They thought no one was at home,” Jamie Oxendine said. “When they actually found this person was at home, that’s when it all went wrong.”

The detective said the 59-year-old homeowner fired two shots at the men as they fled his house with some of his property. Police recovered a Playstation game system and nine video games in the front yard.

Minutes after the break-in, a sheriff’s deputy saw Emanual – suffering from shots to the leg and arm – had him taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center.

Emanual was eventually charged with breaking and entering, felony larceny and felony possession of stolen goods. Locklear was charged with conspiracy to commit breaking and entering and larceny. He also was charged with being the getaway driver. He was jailed $5,000 bail.

Wyvis Oxendine, who used a .380-caliber handgun to shoot Emanual, was not charged with any crime.


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