York, Pennsylvania

From the York Dispatch of June 25, 2007

Store owner disarms would-be robber, customers help subdue her

When an armed woman entered Abdul Kahn’s convenience store in West Manchester Township Friday afternoon and demanded money, Kahn said he had to decide quickly if he would try to disarm her.

“I was scared for my life because I have two babies and a wife,” said Khan, 42, who owns the A Plus Sunoco gas and convenience store at 1947 W. Market St. “But I thought ‘I cannot be robbed by a lady.’ Maybe it’s a bad mentality. … I might have done a stupid thing. But I had to do it.”

So Kahn said he eased to the edge of the counter he was behind and then lunged for the woman, who had what appeared to be gun in her hand. Khan wrestled with the woman, and despite suffering multiple blows to his groin, he was eventually able to wrestle her to the ground and get the gun away from her.

Three customers then came into his store, helped him subdue the woman and called 911, Kahn said.

West Manchester Township Police arrived and arrested the woman, who was identified as Sharon Bastide, 45, of no fixed address, on charges of robbery and theft.

Police said the gun that Bastide showed to Khan turned out to be a pellet gun. She’s being held at York County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail.



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