Coconut Grove, Florida

From the Miami Herald of June 21, 2007

Home invader gets a surprising welcome

Jeremiah Swain probably thought he had it made early Thursday when he broke into a Coconut Grove home and found a man in a wheelchair inside.

What Swain didn’t know: The disabled man had three houseguests.

As Swain tried to steal Edward Wynn’s belongings, the houseguests swung into action, authorities said. They overcame the would-be robber, nabbed his blue steel revolver and held him until police came.

Miami police gave this account of what happened:

About 1 a.m., Swain, 26, and his accomplice broke into the home. Wynn and his housemate, Linda Arnold, were inside.

Also inside: Shenair Stevens, Barbara Jewels and Michael Miller.

The trio of houseguests grabbed Swain and took his gun, police said.

As they did, Swain’s accomplice took off running.

Swain wasn’t as lucky. Police arrived to find him in the custody of the three houseguests. He was slightly bruised, police said.

Later that morning, rescue workers tried to treat him. But as they did, Swain got away. He was later nabbed by Miami and Coral Gables police.

Swain is charged with five counts of false imprisonment, home invasion, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and escape.

He has no previous criminal record in Florida, state records show.


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