Bitterroot Valley, Montanta

From the Casper Star Tribune of June 13, 2007

Rancher shoots wolf after stock losses

A Bitterroot Valley, Mont., rancher who lost several calves to wolves spent the night in his car to guard his herd, and shot a wolf as it moved among his cattle.

“There were all these black shapes, cows running everywhere,” said Ed Cummings, who was awakened at 4:30 a.m. on June 5 by his dog’s growling. “And right in the middle of them, just sort of trotting around, is this wolf.”

Cummings lost his shoe while trying to get out of the compact car, keep an eye on the wolf and grab the rifle he’d borrowed.

“I didn’t make a very good shot, but I hit it,” he said Monday.

Federal officials shot another wolf the next day.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks issued Cummings a permit to kill two more wolves, although he does not need permission to shoot those attacking, chasing or harassing his livestock.



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