Crawford County, Arkansas

From Ft. Smith’s of June 12, 2007

Crawford County Man Shot, Killed

Officials said a Crawford County man was shot and killed Monday night in front of his wife and children.

Bobby Joe Freeman, 32, was killed at his home off Cartwright Mountain Road, police said.

Freeman’s family told police he became aggressive, so they hid in a bedroom. When Freeman barged into the room, investigators said, Freeman’s stepfather shot him.

Sheriff’s officials said it appears the shooting was in self-defense.

From Ft. Smith’s of June 12, 2007

Fatal shooting could be self-defense

A Texas man was killed Monday night in a shooting that investigators believe could have been self-defense.

Crawford County sheriff’s deputies were called to 17800 Cartwright Mountain Road near Chester around 9:30, where they found found 30-year-old Bobby Jo Freeman unresponsive with a single gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A few weeks ago Freeman, his wife, and their two children had moved to the residence, which belongs to Freeman’s mother and stepfather, from Vernon, Texas.

They were all present at the time of the shooting, but police won’t say which family member shot Freeman.

Deputies say they have been called to the residence before a number of times for domestic violence reports, and that could have played a factor in Monday night’s shooting.

From interviews, they know Freeman crashed his pickup earlier that night, and had to be given a ride to the house from someone in a white Extended Cab or four-door pickup.

Now deputies are asking that person to come forward, so they can find out more about what state Freeman was in when he got home.


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