Tulsa, Oklahoma

From June 11, 2007 Fox channel 23:

(TULSA, Okla.) June 11 – A Tulsa driver who shot a man in an apparent case of road rage says, “it was self defense.”

An elderly Tulsa driver says he was assaulted by a man, near 21st and Riverside, yesterday. He said he had to shoot the man to protect his life.

The shooter told FOX23 News that the other man, Dale Turney, was unhappy with his driving, so Turney followed him to a parking lot.

The shooter says he didn’t want to fight and tried to back away from Turney.

He also showed Turney that he had a gun. But Turney was getting closer and closer and pushed him in the chest.

The shooter says Turney told him “you are history.” That’s when the shooter says he felt like his life was in danger, so he shot Turney.


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