Coon Rapids, Minnesota

From the Twin Cities Pioneer Press of June 8, 2007

Coon Rapids man said he fired in ‘self defense’ as he walks out of jail without charges

Investigators refuse to release name of officer, who suspect’s family says pulled a gun on them

The Coon Rapids man arrested in the Thursday shooting of an undercover police officer in a road rage confrontation said he shot in “self defense” as he was released this afternoon without being charged.

After meeting with Coon Rapids police, prosecutors opted today to not charge 35-year-old Martin Scott Treptow, said the prosecutor overseeing the case. The investigation, though, into the entire incident continues, prosecutors said.

Witnesses described Thursday shooting as the culmination of a rolling argument that escalated into an apparent full-blown case of road rage. The suspect’s family said Treptow fired only after a man pulled a gun on them and they had no idea he was an officer. Treptow said outside the jail this afternoon, that the officer drew his gun first.

Police arrested Treptow shortly after the shooting after he called police from a nearby gas station.

A day after the shooting, the cop’s bosses at the Robbinsdale Police Department continue to refuse to release the officer’s name.

Coon Rapids police did not rule out the county prosecutor filing charges against the officer. Officials with the Anoka County attorney’s office said no charges will be filed in this case at this time.

“At this point we are giving the county attorney’s office everything we have. We are not giving any recommendation, one way or the other,” Coon Rapids Deputy Chief Timothy Snell said this morning.

Meanwhile, Treptow’s family, who last night told the Pioneer Press they were only protecting themselves from a “renegade cop” who had pulled a gun on them, refused to comment this morning.

On Thursday, Robbinsdale Police Chief Wayne Shellum said his officer was just doing his job. But Treptow’s father said last night the plainclothes officer threatened his family with his gun and that Treptow shot him to protect his family.

“This is a case of people letting their tempers get out of control,” Snell said. “It escalated and became a deadly force situation just because of some petty misdemeanor driving issues.”

Police refused Thursday to release the 27-year-old officer’s name, saying he was working undercover, but he is described as a six-year veteran of the Robbinsdale police force. He sustained injuries to both legs and an arm, although investigators aren’t sure how many shots were fired.

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