Killeen, Texas

From Waco’s of June 6, 2007

Home Invasion Ends In Stabbing & Shoot-out

Killeen Police don’t know whether or not drugs or gangs were related in the shoot-out but they do know the victim received a knock on his door around 12:30 Wednesday morning. He thought he knew the two men on the other side of the door, so he opened it and was soon trampled over.

The two men were wearing scarves over their faces, one running past the victim to the back bedroom and the other stabbing him multiple times. The second suspect, who headed toward the back of the apartment began shooting into the back bedroom, but unknown to him, shots were fired back at him by several men in that room.

Both suspects then ran out the door and were gone before police got there.

Just 30 minutes later, Metroplex Hospital in Killeen reported a patient with a gunshot wound. That man told police he had been robbed and shot by two men in Conder Park in Killeen.

Carroll Smith with the Killeen Police Department says investigators are now trying to figure out if that victim is one of their suspects in the home invasion.

“We’ve got two different incidents that happened in the same near area. Are they related? It’s unknown at this time. Could they be related? Yes,” said Smith.


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