Amherst County, Virginia

From the Lynchburg News and Advance of June 5, 2007

Amherst County man shoots bear at his front door

Hank Burchard came in from sky watching around 10 p.m. Monday.

Shortly afterward, he heard a scratching sound outside the kitchen door of his rural Amherst County home.

Looking out the front door, Burchard saw the noise was coming from a black bear that since March has damaged property during late-night romps in his Temperance-area neighborhood.

But when Burchard yelled out his front door – trying to scare the animal away – the bear came to the front door and stood on its hind legs.

That’s when Burchard got his .358 Winchester rifle and pointed it through the screen door.

“I figured there wasn’t going to be any end to this, so I shot him,” Burchard said of what he estimated was a 235-pound bear, whose meat was donated to charity.

For both Crump and Burchard, killing a bear was the last resort.

“It got to where we were under siege,” Burchard said.



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