Orlando, Florida

From Melbourne’s Florida Today of June 5, 2007

Pizza shop manager fires at robbers

Authorities in Orange County, Fla., are searching for as many as four men possibly involved in the robbery of a Pizza Hut restaurant late Monday.

Deputies said two men walked in to the Pizza Hut restaurant located on Americana Boulevard in Orange County, ordered some food and then left the building.

A short time later, officers said two different men, who may have been working with the first two men, entered the restaurant, showed guns and snatched a cash register.

As the men exited the restaurant, the manager pulled out a personal handgun and shot three rounds at the culprits, police said.

The men fled, apparently unharmed, police said.

Officers said the manager made the decision to fight the robbers as they were trying to flee the scene.

“It’s a personal decision,” Orange County sheriff’s Cmdr. Jeff Stonebreaker said. “Each person has to make that decision for themselves sometimes it works out for victim and other times it has not.”

From MyFoxOrlando.com of June 12, 2007

Pizza Hut Worker Fired for Shooting at Armed Robbers

A pizza hut employee says he feared for his life when he shot at armed robbers. But the company says he violated policy and fired him. (Includes video)


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