Manatee, Florida

From the May 21, 2007 Southwest Florida Herald-Tribune:

MANATEE — A suspected burglar was shot early this morning when he and two others busted into a home and were confronted by an armed resident, authorities said.

Brian McKenzie, 22, suffered a gunshot wound to the arm and was later arrested in the break-in of a home in the 8000 block of 43rd Avenue West, police reported. Two others — Chase Carter, 20, and Michael McKenzie, 22 — drove the injured man to Manatee Memorial Hospital for treatment and were also arrested.

Investigators say the trio barged into a home at about 2:30 a.m. and pushed past a woman, Teresa Fisher, to get at a 27-year-old man asleep in a back bedroom. The man, Richard Ras, 27, awoke and pointed a gun at the men — who jumped on top of Ras, police said.

During a scuffle, the gun went off and McKenzie left with a bullet wound, according to reports. The trio was later accused of burglary with battery, a felony count that landed them in the Manatee County Jail. Neither Ras nor Fisher was injured.


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