Stockton, California

From the Stockton Record of May 11, 2007

Boggs Tract store owner shoots robber

A Boggs Tract convenience store owner shot and wounded a man who robbed his store today, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office investigators said.

It was about noon when two men wearing bandanas over their faces entered Sonora Market at 545 S. Fresno St. One man stayed at the front door while the second man who was armed with a handgun demanded the cash from two registers, robbed a customer and took a bottle of liquor. When he turned to leave, the owner shot him twice in the back, sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Moreno said.

Store owner Paramjit Singh was questioned by investigators today. Sheriff’s investigators said they would not be arresting Singh today and it would be up to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office to determine if he shot the robber in self-defense.

Investigators believe a man who walked into San Joaquin General Hospital suffering two gunshot wounds was the man who robbed Singh’s store. The man’s accomplice had not yet been found this afternoon.

This is the fifth time so far in 2007 that the Sonora Market has been robbed.


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