Nashville, Tennessee

From Nashville’s of May 7, 2007

Senior Citizen Wrestles Thief; Foils Robbery

An armed robber tried to hold up a West Nashville store, but he messed with the wrong customer.

The attempted robbery happened Sunday night at the Stop and Shop on Indiana Avenue.The robber walked into the Stop and Shop armed with a gun. His plan was to rob the store and the customers inside.

Police said the robber held up the clerk, demanded money, and then the gunman, Anthony Lyons, 25, turned the gun on a 77 year-old customer.

Police said the elderly man is a feisty one. He started wrestling with the robber, and that’s when the gun went off. In the struggle, the gunman was hit with the bullet in the leg.

He was sent to the hospital with those injuries. The 77 year-old customer who stopped the robbery is okay. He walked away from the scene, and he did not receive medical care at the hospital. He had stopped in the store for cough drops.


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