Cookeville, Tennessee

From the Cookeville Herald Citizen of April 19, 2007

Police say man shot in apparent home invasion

A man was shot and injured Tuesday night in what law officers say appears to be another “home invasion” case, the second such case reported here in a week’s time.

In the Tuesday night case, which occurred on Peppermint Drive, a man named Brian Woods (age and address not available) was shot in the leg, allegedly by a homeowner after two men broke into a home and tried to rob the residents.

Woods was found on the porch of a nearby house, wounded and screaming for help following the alleged break-in, law officers said. He was treated at the scene by Putnam Ambulance medics and then airlifted to a hospital in another city.

According to a report by Putnam Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. David Gibbons, the residents of one house reported that around 9 p.m. Tuesday two men entered the basement of their home and tried to rob them.

“One subject was armed with a shotgun and the other with a SKS rifle,” the report says. “The homeowner took the rifle away from one of the subjects and fired, and both subjects fled the scene.”

Just moments after that, a neighbor of the victims called 911 and reported that “a male subject was on their porch needing help advising he had been shot.”

The injured man allegedly told the deputies he had been driven to the area by a man named Jason and that he did not know where Jason was.

A rifle was found in the area, and Woods allegedly told the deputies that Jason’s vehicle was a brown Oldsmobile, but searches of the area that night were unsuccessful, deputies said.

As the case unfolded, many officers and detectives were called in to interview the three residents of the home where the invasion occurred and other witnesses.

Another apparent home-invasion occurred on Joe Martin Road late Saturday night, and it is still under investigation. Carlton Warren, 27, of Nashville, was shot and injured in that incident, and a second man who was later brought to the hospital with a gunshot wound, though investigators are uncertain whether those two shootings were related.


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