Spokane Valley, Washington

From KXLY of April 10, 2007

Dogs attack Spokane Valley residents

A Spokane Valley man was forced to use a gun against a pair of dogs that were threatening his family and innocent bystanders.

On Monday afternoon near East 10th in the Spokane Valley, Jim Hammond was walking his grandchildren back home when the group was attacked by a pair of dogs.

“I just barely got in the door and got it slammed when they hit the door and were scratching at the door.”

Jim Hammond and his grandchildren ran inside his Spokane Valley home to avoid being attacked by two runaway boxers.

“Those dogs charged at the big window,” said Hammond. “You can see the claw marks on the outside, they wanted somebody.”

The dogs scratched at Hammond’s doors and windows before turning their attention to a couple who was walking down the street.

“Two dogs surround her and start attacking her,” Hammond said.

Faith Yen says she thought she was going to die as one of the dogs latched onto her calf, puncturing her skin, and leaving a bad bruise

“I was thinking these things are the most vicious dogs I’ve ever seen in my life,” Yen said.

Once Hammond saw the dogs attacking Yen, he grabbed his gun, went outside, and yelled at the dogs to draw their attention to him.

“The one dog probably got within two feet with mouth wide open,” Hammond said. “That’s when I turned loose, gave him a slug in the mouth and apparently it wasn’t enough to drop him.”

Hammond said that he shot only one of the dogs, but it was enough to send both of them running.

Authorities followed a trail of blood which led them to a spot about a block away where they found the dog that was shot. Apparently, the dog died from the injuries sustained by the gunshot.



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