Casper, Wyoming

From the Casper Star Tribune of April 12, 2007

Shooting victim tried to defend himself, detective says

Before being killed, Mark Fisher managed to fire a single shot at the man who had just blasted into his Casper home, a police detective testified today.

Police found a shotgun with one spent cartridge on Foster’s body when they discovered him in his North Kenwood Street home on April 1. He had been fatally shot in the chest and head.

The man accused of killing him, 42-year-old Casper resident Edward Taylor, should be tried for first-degree murder in connection with Fisher’s death, a judge ruled at the conclusion of Taylor’s preliminary hearing in Natrona County Circuit Court today.

Fisher fired at Taylor in self defense, Casper police detective Kathryn Davison testified at the hearing. Officers found that the locked doors to Fisher’s home had been blasted open.

Shortly before the killing, Taylor confronted his wife after seeing her leave Fisher’s home, Davison said. Edward and Beth Taylor had been in the process of getting a divorce.


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