Rockford, Illinois

From WREX of April 11, 2007

Attempted Robbery Leads to Shooting, Car Accident

An attempted armed robbery ends with someone shot and a police detective in a car accident.

Investigators say around 1:15 Wednesday a man tried to rob a business on Auburn Street called ‘The Hook-Up.’ The owner, 38-year-old Jeffrey Seibolt, pulled a gun and fired on the suspect and the suspect fired back, hitting Seibolt in the leg.

A detective in the area saw the suspect and ran after him. The detective got into a car accident during his pursuit, then got out and chased the man on foot. The detective was not hurt.

The shooting victim was treated for minor injuries. The suspect is still on the loose.

From WIFR of April 11, 2007

Rockford Shooting

It wasn’t just bad weather hitting the stateline today another shooting strikes Rockford’s west side after a robber and store owner exchange gunfire.

It happened around 1:15 this afternoon when the robber entered a car stereo installation shop along Auburn Street.

Police say a store employee was the first to shoot but he never hit the robber. The robber then shot the store employee in the leg and took off. As he ran away, the would be robber caused a car accident along Auburn Street.

Police then searched the area with dogs in an effort to find the suspect, they had no luck. Neighbors say they didn’t know what was going on and it scared them.

The suspect remains on the run at this hour. He is described as a black man, between 5’8” and 5’10”. He was last seen wearing a light blue jacket, dark pants and white shirt. The man shot is expected to be treated and released from a local hospital.


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