Taunton, Massachussets

From the Taunton Gazette of April 7, 2007

Home invasion suspect being held

A suspected accomplice to an armed home invasion will be behind bars for up to 90 days after a Taunton District Court judge ruled he was “too dangerous” to release before his trial.

Jason Swanbon, formerly of Raynham, was ordered held on a Taunton Police charge of armed robbery by Judge Daniel O’Shea under the state’s dangerousness statute.

The victim of last week’s Jefferson Avenue home invasion identified Swanbon in the courtroom audience Thursday during the dangerousness hearing of primary suspect Arnold Toledo of Taunton.

Last Monday, a 26 year-old man was sitting in his living room when Toledo walked into his apartment drew a handgun, Detective Timothy White said. The resident told police he then lunged at Toledo, knocking him to the ground. The man overpowered the intruder and managed to get the gun, still gripped by Toledo, pointed it away from himself, police said. During the scuffle, a shot went off into a foot stool, and Toledo dropped the weapon, police said.

At this point, the resident told police, a second man came into the apartment, grabbed the gun off the floor, ran out to a waiting car and drove away. Toledo then managed to also run away, police said.

After the resident gave police a description of the car, they found a vehicle matching the profile, and were able to connect it to Toledo, police said.

During Thursday’s hearing, the victim identified Swanbon as the man who ran into his apartment and grabbed the gun during the scuffle.


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