Indianapolis, Indiana

From the Indianapolis Star of April 5, 2007

Homeowner shoots scavenger in scuffle

A junk scavenger was shot in the leg today during a fight with an Eastside homeowner over a trash barrel.

Police said Nikia Johnson and an accomplice were taking a trash barrel from behind a garage in the 2700 block of Adams Street when the homeowner raised the garage door and discovered them.

The homeowner, Gus Eldridge, 53, said he told the men to return the barrel and they did, but the men refused to pick up the trash they had dumped from it.

Eldridge and Johnson argued and were scuffling when a .45 caliber handgun Eldridge was carrying discharged, striking Johnson in the leg.

Eldridge said he carries the gun whenever he is outside of his home because of the crime in the area.”I’m just too old to wrestle,” he said. “The gun just went off.

”Police are still investigating and no charges have been filed.

From Indianapolis’ of April 5, 2007

Homeowner shoots alleged thief

Police are investigating a shooting on the east side. They say a man was allegedly trying to steal something from a garage before 11:00 am when he was shot by the homeowner.

“I asked the guy to put it back and he refused to put it back. He wanted to fight. I don’t understand,” said Gus Eldridge, homeowner, with a shrug.

The suspect was shot in the leg and is reportedly in good condition at Wishard Hospital.

This story will be updated later.


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