San Antonio, Texas

From of April 1, 2007

Burglary suspect shot by homeowner

A man in his 30s is in unknown condition at University Hospital after a homeowner shot him during a home invasion Sunday morning, authorities said.

At 8:10 a.m. James Benton, 63, grabbed a 9 mm gun after he heard three men kick in the front door of his home in the 9600 block of South Bend, police said.

He yelled at the men, but one suspect kept coming, he told police.

Benton said he feared for his life and shot the suspect once in the chest. The other two suspects ran out and fled in a van.

Benton had a camera mounted outside that showed the van backing into his driveway before the men forced their way into his house.

The wounded suspect was not identified in the police report.

From San Antonio’s of April 2, 2007

Homeowner Shoots Home Invader

A homeowner opened fire on three individuals who attempted to break into his home Sunday morning, police said.

One of the individuals was injured in the chest by the gunfire, police said.

The other two people escaped and are still at large, police said.

The injured suspect was taken to a hospital.

Police said a surveillance camera mounted on the homeowner’s garage door recorded the incident. Police said they were able to get a good description of their van.

Police said they’re looking for a Ford minivan — light-colored on top and two-toned on the bottom.

The minivan has a dent on the right side between the door and the gas tank, police said. Police ask anyone to contact them if they have information.

“Presently, we have officers all over the city looking for two individuals that were with the individual that got shot (while) burglarizing the house,” Sgt. David Scepanski, a San Antonio police officer, said.

Javier Bocanegra, a neighbor, said several of the homes in the near Northwest Side neighborhood have been broken into.

Bocanegra worries that the escalating crime in the area could soon become unbearable.

“It’s scary,” Bocanegra said. “Luckily (the homeowner) had a gun and was able to scare him off. But yeah, it’s scary.”


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