Athens, Alabama

From Huntsville’s of March 28, 2007

An Athens man says he felt threatened last night, so he shot another man. But is that considered self defense?

Athens Police received a call around 7:30 Tuesday night that a man had been shot. If happened off South Houston Street. 46 year old Jimmy Ray Wallace had been shot once in the stomach. Wallace was already being treated at Athens Limestone Hospital Emergency Room when police got the call.

Investigators there discovered that Wallace had gone to his estranged wife’s and her boyfriend’s home. Wallace was there to get a car back. The boyfriend told Wallace to get off the property. Police say Wallace then told the boyfriend he was going to kill him. The boyfriend says he felt his life was threatened and shot Wallace once in the stomach. Now a grand jury must decide if it was self defense or a criminal act.

“Alabama law just recently changed as far as self defense and defending your property.” Athens Police Captain Marty Bruce told WAAY 31. “Now, all you have to prove is that you were in fear of your life.”

Alabama’s new self defense law went into effect last June. Wallace is expected to be okay. No charges have been filed.


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