Idaho Falls, Idaho

From Idaho Falls’ of March 25, 2007

Double Shooting In Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Police are investigating a shooting that left two men injured last night.

Police say the fight started at the Royal Crown, a bar in downtown Idaho Falls.

Two men partnered up in an argument with another man.

The lone man went home to his apartment on north water in Idaho Falls.

Police say it was minutes after he got home, around one in the morning that the two other men showed up at his apartment.

Another fight broke between the three and the man who lives at the apartment fired two rounds from a 357 magnum. Officers say one man was shot in the stomach; the other was shot in the leg.

They drove themselves to EIRMC and the shooter immediately called 9-1-1…claiming he shot the two in self-defense.

Idaho Falls Police are still investigating who the suspects or victims are in this case. They haven’t released any names. The last we heard, one man had been released from the hospital and the other was in fair condition.

From Idaho Falls’ of April 3, 2007

Shooting Victims Arrested For Assault

Two people have been arrested and charged in connection with a double shooting that happened a week ago in Idaho Falls.

There is an interesting twist, the actual shooter was not charged. The two men who were shot are in jail.

Brian Swacina and Joseph Sollender were arrested. Each is charged with one count of burglary and one count of aggravated assault.

The shooter says he shot Swacina and Sollender in self defense.

According to the police report, Swacina and Sollender followed the shooter home after a confrontation at a downtown Idaho Falls bar.

If convicted, the two face a possible sentence of 15 years behind bars.


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