Sugarville, Utah

From the Salt Lake City Tribune of March 26, 2007

Millard, Washington residents fire back, leaving one attacker dead

Homeowners in Millard and Washington counties repelled invaders with firearms this weekend, leaving one attacker dead.

The first attack happened before sunrise in Sugarville, a tiny town in northern Millard County. When a man slinked into the victim’s home on Friday about 5 a.m., his entry awakened a woman inside.

The role of victim and attacker then flip-flopped when the woman retrieved a shotgun and chased the man out of the house. As he fled with two others, she reportedly shot at them from a distance. Sheriff Robert Dekker said no one was hurt.

Deputies scoured nearby structures and a field with search dogs Saturday, but didn’t find the three men. Investigators say the men were last seen in a dark-colored pickup.

The investigation is not complete, but Buell said the shooting appears to be self-defense. He declined to say whether the residents in Millard and Washington counties acted appropriately, only that people have the “right to protect themselves from injury or death.”

See subsequent post for second incident.


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