San Antonio, Texas

From San Antonio’s of March 20, 2007

Man Shoots Back at Burglar

A man woken up by a burglar managed to get a hold of a gun, and fire back at the would-be thief, News 4 WOAI learned Tuesday.

The burglar broke into the home on Banbridge on the southeast side.

Two bullets tore through the family’s home during the break-in. One struck the doorway of the children’s bedroom.

The mother in the home told News 4 WOAI’s Jacqueline Ortiz what happened. The mother did not want to be identified. She told News 4 WOAI she fears the burglar will come back.

“The blinds were down, and he saw the blinds were moving,” the woman said of her husband.

The mother said her husband was sleeping and he awoke to noise outside. She said the burglar tore a screen on one of the windows, and entered the home.

“He heard the noise and saw the hand coming in,” the woman said of her husband. The mother and her kids were away for Spring Break at the time of the break-in.

The intruder got halfway in the window, and the husband somehow got the gun out of his hand.

“He grabbed, kicked it and it fell,” the mother said. “He picked it up.”

The woman’s husband then fired once at the man who took off running through the backyard, she said.


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