Fernley, Nevada

From the Reno Gazette-Journal of March 16, 2007

Exchange of gunfire during attempted burglary leaves one injured

Law enforcement officials were on the lookout early this week for a Hispanic male in his 20s who was burglarizing a local business when a shooting incident occurred between the property owners and the suspect.

Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were dispatched to 25 Salvage Lane on Sunday at about 10:34 p.m. on a commercial burglary incident that was in progress.

LCSO Detective Jon Mack reported the suspect was removing aluminum car parts and copper wiring from a vehicle located within a storage tank facility grounds.

That night while on the phone with LCSO dispatchers, one of the property owners indicated they had the suspect detained at gunpoint and was in the process of making a citizen’s arrest.

At the time, property owner Larry Cavanaugh had detained the suspect with a 12 gauge shot gun, but then a struggle ensued and the suspect was able to obtain the shotgun and fired three rounds, reported Mack.

At the same time Caroline Hagan, property owner, returned fire with a .38 caliber pistol, firing from another location as the suspect left the area said the LCSO detective.

During the gun fight, LCSO Detectives said the suspect shot Hagan in the leg and she was later treated and released from a Reno-based hospital.

Mack indicated Hagan’s wound was minor as low base shot gun shells commonly used to shoot small game was used in the shotgun.

It is unknown if the suspect was shot by the property owners gunfire.


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