Ashland, Kentucky

From Louisville’s of March 8, 2007

Man fatally shoots alleged intruder

An eastern Kentucky man fatally shot one of two alleged intruders who claimed to be police officers, according to sheriff’s officials.

The other alleged intruder was arrested and charged with burglary and impersonating a police officer, a sheriff’s report said.

Jason Daniels, 23, of Ashland, shot Robert Lewis Chapman, 50, of Greenup in the chest, shoulder and wrist on Wednesday night, the Boyd County Sheriff’s office said in the report.

Adam C. Justice, 22, of Summitt, was lodged in the Boyd County jail.

Boyd County Sheriff Terry Keelin said the case would be turned over to the commonwealth’s attorney and a grand jury would be asked to decide if any charges would be filed against Daniels.

The intruders allegedly broke into a home where Daniels was staying after Daniels refused to answer the door. The men had pounded on the door claiming to be police officers with a search warrant, Keelin said.

The men then allegedly forced Daniels into the bathroom, tied him up and proceeded to ransack the house, the sheriff’s report said. While the alleged burglars were busy in other parts of the house, Daniels freed himself and got a 9 mm pistol from a cabinet, the report said.

“When the suspects returned to the bathroom, they found Mr. Daniels, now armed and in a shooting stance,” the report said.

When one of the alleged intruders attempted to draw a revolver from its holster, Daniels fired four times and both men fled in a van that was parked nearby.

Chapman was dumped outside the emergency room entrance to Kings Daughters Medical Center about three miles from the scene of the incident and later died, the report said. Police stopped the van a few blocks from the hospital and arrested Justice.


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