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January 31, 2007

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From Oklahoma City’s of January 31, 2007

Former Athlete Killed In Home Invasion

Oklahoma City police were called to an apartment at 2201 NW 122 about 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Police were responding to a “home-invasion” call.

When they arrived they found 33-year-old Richard Dean dead. Dean also goes by Mandrell Dean.

Mandrell was a well-known athlete at Millwood Public School. He also played for the Oklahoma Wranglers, and had signed to play with the Green Bay Packers.

Police say 17-year-old Brandus Clayton shot Dean after he had broken into his apartment, demanding money and jewels.

Clayton said he gave Dean what he wanted, but Dean demanded more. Police say that is when Clayton’s girlfriend asked Dean to leave.

Dean became mad and assaulted the female, according to authorities. The 17-year-old victim then reached for a firearm kept close by and shot Dean, according to reports.

The shooting occurred approximately at 5:00 a.m., however police were not called until three hours later. The reason for the delay is unclear.

Clayton was interviewed by police at the scene, but was not arrested because he acted in self-defense.

The shooting is still under investigation. The Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office will decide if charges should be filed.


January 31, 2007

Oak Lawn, Illinois

From Tinley Park’s Daily Southown of January 30, 2007

Woman released; no charges in OL shooting

An Oak Lawn woman who shot and killed her estranged husband was arguing with him about who should pay for her daughter’s braces moments before she opened fire, police said Tuesday.

But Donna Miranda, 51, walked free after Cook County state’s attorneys decided she might have acted in self-defense and would not be prosecuted.

Juan Miranda, 48, was shot six times about 8 a.m. Sunday in the basement of his wife’s home in the 9100 block of South Komensky Avenue.

He was declared dead at the scene two hours later, and his death was ruled a homicide Monday by the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Donna Miranda — who filed a domestic-abuse complaint against her husband last year and obtained a protection order against him in 2002 — said she fired to save her own life, said Keith Raspovich, Oak Lawn chief of detectives.

“She said they were arguing about who should pay for her daughter’s braces when he tried to choke her,” Raspovich said.

Cook County state’s attorney’s spokeswoman Marcy Jensen said “based on a review of all the facts, prosecutors found insufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof.”

January 30, 2007

Peel, Arkansas

From Mountain Home’s Baxter Bulletin of January 30, 2007

Man kills alleged intruder

A man wanted for questioning about a shooting death and an apparent burglary attempt is free after the Marion County Sheriff’s Department decided not to detain him after he turned himself in.

Joe Kelley, a 71-year-old Peel resident, was asleep recovering from heart surgery Friday when he woke to sounds at his front door, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s Department report.

Kelley said he found a man in his hallway and shot him with a 12-gauge shotgun, according to the report.

According to the report, police found Travis Morrison, 27, of Harrison, dead on the floor of Kelley’s home late Friday night. Marion County Sheriff Carl McBee reported Kelley told police he was “scared to death” when he shot the intruder.

Kelley was not detained because the shooting death was the result of apparent self-defense, the sheriff said.

McBee said Kelley described a second man who entered the home after the shooting, asked questions of him and attempted to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on Morrison. The sheriff said the suspected accomplice was gone when police arrived.

The next morning, Johnny Lee Carter, 32, of Harrison, turned himself in at the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, according to a second police report. Carter told police he had been with Morrison on the night of the shooting, according to the report.

McBee said the incident still is under investigation.

January 30, 2007

Pontiac, Michigan

From the Detroit News of January 29, 2007

Homeowner shoots Pontiac burglar; three in custody

Three Pontiac men are in custody, one hospitalized with a gunshot wound, after police said they attempted to break into a home and ran into an armed homeowner early this morning.

Sgt. William Ware said police were called out to a home in the 1200 block of Cloverlawn, on the city’s northeast side, about 4 a.m. on a report that three men had kicked in the rear door of a home in a home invasion.

“The homeowner heard a loud bang at the rear of the home and observed three males with hoodies over their head inside,” said Ware. “He told them to get out and fired twice at them.”

All three suspects ran from the home and the 33-year-old homeowner, who has a permit for his weapon, said he did not know if he had hit anyone, Ware said.

About 15 minutes after the incident, an area hospital reported a man with a single gunshot wound to the chest had shown up in the emergency room. A 21-year-old man, who is listed in serious condition, is believed one of the three suspects in the home invasion, said Ware, who added two other men, 17 and 20 years old, were also taken into custody.

A weapon police believe was carried by one of the suspects was found in the snow at the rear of the Cloverlawn home.

The matter will be referred to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges, Ware said.

January 28, 2007

Greybull, Wyoming

From the Casper Star-Tribune of January 28, 2007

Suspect surrenders after brief standoff

A man wanted in connection with a shootout outside Bozeman, Mont., was arrested here without incident following a brief standoff Thursday.

Chris Wagner, 33, will be held at the Big Horn County jail in Basin until he can be transferred to Montana’s Gallatin County to face a charge of attempted murder.

Authorities say Wagner tried to kidnap Michael Peters, 33, southeast of Bozeman on Jan. 17. Both men began shooting, and both were wounded. Peters, who was shot in the torso, face and hand, was hospitalized. Wagner fled.

Investigators said they traced a call Wagner made from a pay phone in Greybull and began looking for him around the town. When they found where he was staying, they surrounded the house and locked down a nearby school.

Wagner stayed in the house for about 10 minutes before coming out.

January 28, 2007

Newberry, South Carolina

From Columbia’s of January 27, 2007

Injured wife says she killed husband in self defense

A domestic dispute left one dead and another seriously injured in Newberry County Friday night. The wife says she shot her husband to protect herself.

“If it happened the way I have been told it happened, he needed what he got,” says neighbor Talmadge Ellisor.

Ellisor is talking about his next door neighbor, 63-year old Dennis Franklin. He was found shot to death inside his Newberry home Friday night.

Investigators say his wife, 59-year-old Cynthia Franklin, fired the shots that killed him. When officers responded to the home, they found her suffering serious wounds to her head, face, and upper body.

She had been hit several times with a large stick similar to a handle on a wooden tool.

“Her husband was a good-sized man. Cynthia had heart problems, and as far as I know she had to do it in self defense,” Ellisor told News 10.

Residents on Pine Hill Circle are upset by what happened last night, but they’re not surprised. That’s because this is not the first time law enforcement has been called to the home of Cynthia and Dennis Franklin.

“A couple neighbors told us law enforcement had been there before and that there had been domestic disputes there before but, that as a general rule they would keep to themselves,” says Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster.

“I would say they both were loner type people, they didn’t mingle very much,” says Ellisor.

The Newberry County Sheriff’s Department is still reviewing the case to determine what action should be taken. Cynthia Franklin is still in the hospital and her condition is listed as stable.

Her neighborhood, however, is not.

“I’m sure if I would do my wife that way, that I would deserve what happened,” Ellisor says.

From Columbia’s of January 29, 2007

911 tape of Newberry woman who killed husband in self defense

News 10 has obtained the 911 call from a Newberry County woman who said she killed her husband.

We’ve transcribed the exact words Cynthia Franklin told a dispatcher when she said her husband was beating her and that she killed him to save her life.

Dispatcher: Newberry County 911.

CF: Yes, ma’am, this is Cynthia Franklin.

Cynthia Franklin dialed 911 from home Friday night.

CF: My husband’s been drinking and he started beating me up. He started hitting me on top of the head with a big old stick.

Cynthia told the dispatcher her husband Dennis was so enraged, she thought he’d kill her. So, she said she fought back.

CF: He’s on the floor in my bedroom and I shot him.

Dispatcher: You shot him?

CF: Um-Hm. I had to. He was killing me.

Dispatcher: Ok.

CF: No, this is self defense!.

Cynthia said she shot her husband dead in their bedroom with a gun they kept for protection.

“She was beaten bad,” says Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster. “He was capable to continue, and I don’t feel she had any other choice.”

Sheriff Foster says Cynthia has injuries to her head, arms and back. He also says charges against her are unlikely.

Cynthia is in her late 50s. Her husband was in his 60s. Investigators say the couple was married 40 years and had four daughters. But reports show Friday night wasn’t the first time Cynthia called 911 from their home.

Officers arrested Dennis Franklin in 1999 for making a threat against Cynthia. Records show Cynthia did not want to press charges, telling investigators she was “stuck” because she relied on her husband’s insurance for medicine she needed for her heart.

Dennis Franklin went to an anger class, and charges were dismissed.

Fast forward to Friday, when Cynthia thought she was so hurt, she might die.

.CF:If I don’t make it would you please tell my girls – I have 4 girls – I’m doing what I can. But will you tell them that I love them and I’m sorry this happened. I didn’t know he was going to do this and he was set on killing me tonight..

She’s now out of the hospital, recovering with her girls away from the place that was both her home and house filled with fear.

From Columbia’s of February 26, 2007

Prosecutors: Woman Killed Her Husband in Self-Defense

Prosecutors have decided that a fatal domestic shooting in Newberry County last month was done in self-defense.

Eighth Circuit Solicitor Jerry Peace determined that the female victim in the case, 59-year-old Cynthia Franklin, took appropriate actions to save her life, and that no charges will be filed in the case.

Deputies say Cynthia Franklin shot to death her husband, 63-year-old Dennis Franklin, back on January 26. Officers say the two got into a domestic dispute.

Investigators say they found the woman suffering significant wounds to her head, face, and upper body. They say there were obvious signs of a violent struggle in the home and that Cynthia was struck multiple times with a large stick.

Cynthia also told authorities she was trying to get away and made it to the bedroom where the pistol was kept, then shot her husband as he tried to attack her.

“This was a tragic situation,” said Sheriff Foster in a written release. “While we certainly agree with the decision not to prosecute Mrs. Franklin, she and her family are left to deal with the devastating effects of this incident.”

January 27, 2007

St. Joseph, Missouri

From January 25, 2007 KQ2 channel 2 in St. Joseph:

A 57-year-old woman robbed at knife point recently fired back at the robber`s get away vehicle at a St. Joseph Price Chopper. Some question if she made the right move. Winifred Dassero said, “I thought it was a very dangerous thing to do I don`t think she gave it much thought who she was endangering.” Patti Head said, “I would give them what they wanted and then call the police.” Others think she was right on. Jason Glenn said, “I think women are more vulnerable to situations like that. I`d expect my wife to do the same thing.”

Police are still investigating whether the victim was right or wrong in this case. Missouri statutes say a person can shoot to protect their life, another person`s life or their property. Commander Jim Connors said, “I can`t tell you in this situation you can do it and in this situation you can`t.”

January 27, 2007

Omaha, Nebraska

From January 26, 2007 KETV channel 7:

OMAHA, Neb. — An Omaha man said his instincts took over when he saw four people trying to knock down his door early Thursday morning.

Jon Cowdin said he heard someone trying to break in and when he went to the door, he said he encountered a group of burglars.

“He tried shoving in a gun at me through the door, and I took the gun out of his hands before he got the chance to fully point it at me,” Cowdin said.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said it was called to the area of 103rd and Ida streets for shots fired at the Park Meadows Estates mobile home park.

Cowdin said he felt the adrenaline pumping and fought back, shooting through the door with the crooks’ gun.

“I turned the shotgun back around, and I shot him in the head, unfortunately. I wish I would have missed him and they would’ve run, but I hit one,” Cowdin said. “I hope he’s OK, but he shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing.”

Blocks away, deputies stopped the four people. A 16-year-old in the car had been grazed in the head by a gunshot. He was treated and released at Creighton University Medical Center then was taken into police custody, deputies said.

Also arrested were Jacobee Knave, 21, and Jerrett Jackson, 18, and another unnamed juvenile.

Cowdin said he doesn’t know who the suspects are or what they were after.

January 27, 2007

Marland, Oklahoma

From the January 24, 2007 Oklahoman (free registration required):

Unwanted visitors

Craig Camp, 60, was home with his wife, Belle, and her son, Emery Roy, when gunfire broke out about 2 p.m., Noble County Sheriff Charlie Hanger said. The sheriff said a few people were at the home at 508 N Buffalo Ave. for a social gathering where alcohol was being consumed.

Dwain Camp, Craig Camp’s brother, was not at the scene but said there was no party. The family was sitting at home watching television when the group of unwanted visitors arrived, he said. Craig Camp told them to leave at least once but they returned with a handgun, his brother said.

Hanger said an argument broke out and Moses Scott, 25, began waving a handgun in a threatening manner. At that point, Craig Camp left the room and returned with a 12-gauge shotgun, Hanger said.

Brown said it remained unclear who fired first but it appeared Roy, 30, was caught in the cross-fire as he tried to flee the room, Hanger said.

Witnesses questioned

One of the shots fired by Scott struck Roy, who died at the scene.

Six other bullets struck Camp in the arms, chest and abdomen as he fired the shotgun at Scott, striking him in the chest, Hanger said.

“We think Scott was the aggressor,” Brown said.

Scott fled the home with two others after the incident.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper spotted their car about an hour later and pursued it to Ponca City, where the vehicle was stopped with the aid of several local law enforcement agencies.

Troopers arrested an unidentified driver on suspicion of drunken driving, and a 17-year-old female passenger was held for questioning, Hanger said. Scott was found dead in the back seat.

Brown said investigators are still questioning witnesses and will present their findings to the district attorney to determine whether criminal charges will be sought in the case or if Camp acted in self-defense.

January 27, 2007

Lawrence, Massachusetts

From the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune of January 27, 2007

Owner foils attempted shoplifting

A man caught attempting to steal two bottles of liquor from a Broadway package store was held at gunpoint by the store clerk until officers arrived, police said.

Officers were sent to Broadway Liquors, 103 Broadway, about 10:10 p.m. Thursday and told the owner, Vipul Patel, to put his gun away.

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