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November 30, 2005

Golden Gate, Florida

From the Palm Beach Post of November 16, 2005

Would-be victim wrestles, disarms suspect

Salvador Mijares planned to give a couple of bucks to a fellow Hispanic he thought was a panhandler outside a convenience store Monday night, but when the man pointed a gun at him, Mijares figured he was going to have to defend himself.

Tossing some change on the ground to distract the would-be robber, Mijares pulled out his own weapon, a.45-caliber handgun, and prepared to fire.

“When you have a gun pointed in your face, you have to defend yourself,” Mijares said Tuesday. “I don’t like trouble. I don’t like to fight. But I was scared for my life.”

Mijares, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said he pulled the trigger just as the robber hit his arm, causing two shots to fire in the air outside the store in Golden Gate, south of Stuart.

He was able to wrestle with the assailant and knock his weapon away. Witnesses called 911 while Mijares held the man by the shirt.

Martin County sheriff’s deputies arrested Cleotilde Palacios, 28, of 3922 S.E. Camino St., on charges of robbing Mijares and another man who was approached a few minutes earlier and robbed of his bicycle, a watch and a knife, according to arrest records.

Palacios was held at the Martin County jail Tuesday in lieu of $40,000 bail.

Deputies retrieved the gun Palacios was carrying and found it was a BB pistol.

Mijares, who said he is familiar with guns and owns several, said he thought it looked like a 9mm handgun when it was pointed at his head in the dark.

“I could have killed a guy over a BB gun,” Mijares said.


November 30, 2005

Mount Vernon, New York

From the White Plains Journal News of November 30, 2005

Guard kills would-be robber in Mount Vernon shootout

A guard shot it out with two would-be robbers today in front of a check cashing store, killing one and possibly injuring the second.

The second robber escaped.

The shootout happened around 8:30 a.m. at American Check Cashing and Finance Service, 242 S. Fulton Ave., as it opened for business.

Michael Colasuonno, co-owner of the business, gave this account

Two female employees were entering the store as the security guard, 62 years old, watched from a pickup truck. One robber tried to push into the place behind one of the women. The guard stepped out of the truck, pulled a gun and exchanged fire with the would-be robbers. One fell dead; the other ran off.

The guard and female employees were not injured, Colasuonno said.

The shootout left the store window shattered. A would-be robber’s 9mm gun lay beneath the guard’s car. A pile of bloody clothes sat on the sidwalk in front of the store.

November 30, 2005

Omaha, Nebraska

From the Omaha World-Herald of November 30, 2005
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One dead, one injured in Benson shooting

With a gun pointed at his business partner’s head, an owner of Benson Jewelry and Loan shot at two men attempting to rob the pawnshop Tuesday afternoon, the wife of one of the shop’s owners said.

The shooting left one of the men who entered the shop dead and another in extremely critical condition.

The owners of the shop, Norm Sargent and Ken Blankenship, are fine, said Sargent’s wife, Beth, when reached at home.

Beth Sargent said her husband told her two men were robbing the store and one pointed a gun to her husband’s head. She said her husband told her that Blankenship shot at the robbers.

Norm Sargent and Ken Blankenship were still at police headquarters giving statements late Tuesday night.

Police would not confirm Tuesday night details of how the shooting occurred, or who had done the shooting. Police Officer Andrew Passo did say, however, that no suspects were being sought.

Killed in the shooting was Kendall Tealer, 18. The other shooting victim, Brandon Bowie, 17, was in critical condition at the Nebraska Medical Center. A radio dispatcher said rescue workers attempted to resuscitate one man en route to the hospital. A hospital spokeswoman declined to give a report on Bowie’s condition late Tuesday night.

From Omaha’s of December 2, 2005

No Charges Against Pawn Shop Owner

Acted in self defense

The Douglas County Attorney will not file charges against the owner of a Benson pawn shop following a fatal shooting this week.

County Attorney Stu Dornan has reviewed the evidence and determined that Ken Blankenship Sr. fired at would be robbers in self-defense.

Dornan’s review of the evidence indicated the suspects were in the store for about 15 seconds and that the shots were fired over a period of five seconds.

Blankenship shot and wounded 17-year-old Brandon Bowie who was holding a handgun to the head of the pawn shop’s co-owner. He then turned and fired on 18-year-old Kendall Tealer Jr. after Blankenship claimed Tealer had grabbed a shotgun sitting behind the store’s counter. He fired again at Tealer’s back as he was running out of the store. Tealer died in the street in front of the pawn shop.

For the first time Dornan’s review of the evidence indicated that Tealer was also carrying a loaded weapon and had pointed it at Blanekenship’s head.

Dornan says he will file charges of robbery and use of a weapon against Bowie who remains hospitalized following the shooting.

From Omaha’s of August 23, 2006

Pawnshop Plea

Suspect doesn’t contest charges

Eighteen-year-old Brandon Bowie has pleaded no contest to charges in connection with a botched robbery of a Benson pawnshop.

In November, Bowie and Kendall Tealer were shot when they tried to rob the Benson Jewelry and Loan. Bowie was paralyzed and Tealer died.

The Douglas County attorney found that the store’s owner acted in self-defense when he shot the two armed robbers.

Bowie entered his plea Tuesday and will be sentenced in November. He faces up to 70 years in prison.

November 30, 2005

Bradenton, Florida

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune of November 30, 2005

Guard shoots, kills man who pointed pellet gun

A security guard shot and killed a man suspected of car burglary early Tuesday who authorities say was armed with a pellet gun.

No charges have been filed against the guard, Pablo Feliciano, 33, who works for Critical Intervention Services. The shooting happened about 2 a.m. at Manatee Woods Apartments in the 3400 block of Fifth Street East.

Feliciano told detectives that he heard a car alarm going off outside a vacant duplex and went to investigate. He said he saw a man breaking into a vehicle.

The suspect ran as Feliciano approached. Feliciano chased the suspect, who authorities say turned and pointed a gun — later determined to be a pellet gun — at him. The guard fired two rounds at the suspect, who turned and took off. Sheriff’s deputies found the man’s body in the next block.

Detectives on Tuesday did not release the name of the shooting victim; there was no identification on the body. Sheriff’s spokesman Dave Bristow said the shooting would likely be deemed justifiable.

November 30, 2005

Youngstown, Ohio

From Youngstown’s of November 29, 2005

Youngstown Police Investigate Southside Robbery, Shootout

A robbery turns into a shootout on the south side of Youngstown. This after three armed men force their way in without knowing the owner had a gun of his own.

The sign outside the Market Street license bureau says “closed” and things are very quiet at the moment, but the multiple bullet holes in the window are an example of some very recent violence.

According to police reports, three unidentified black males entered the bureau on Market Street carrying handguns. They jumped over the counter demanding money. One of the suspects moved to the back of the building and pointed a gun at the owner. The owner, however, was carrying a gun of his own and shot at the suspects, who then fled the building with about $350 in cash.

This is the second this month the same location has been robbed and it seems its future may be in doubt at least in the short term.

November 30, 2005

Albany, Georgia

From Albany’s of November 21, 2005

Armed resident holds criminal for police

Bill Mitchell, who live in the Rawson Circle, on the Avenues in North Central Albany, turned the table on two burglars, holding one at gunpoint until police arrived.

Barking dogs awoke Bill and Anne Mitchell around 1:30 Sunday morning. When Anne looked out, she saw two men in their backyard shed. “Earlier that day we had been talking about what happened to Mandy and Mike Flynn , and I was telling him how furious I was, and sick and tired of it,” said Anne Mitchell.

Anne ran for her husband, but what she did not know was Bill was already in the yard confronting one of the burglars. Bill Mitchell said “I asked what he was doing. He kept running, and I just grabbed him when he ran by.”

Because of those robberies, Bill had shown Anne where he kept his pistol, and she went and got it. Anne Mitchell said, “I said ‘I got the gun honey, you want me to shoot him?’ He said ‘No, don’t shoot him, just go call the Police.'”

Police arrested 18-year-old Michael Newsome and 19-year-old Jason Word, and charged them with burglary. Anne Mitchell said, “I think as citizens we are getting pretty tired of this happening. And we need some answers and some leadership that will step up to the plate.”

(More about crime in their neighborhood)

November 30, 2005

Mooresville, North Carolina

From the Charlotte Observer of November 29, 2005

Convenience store owner shot

A convenience store owner was shot to death in an apparent robbery as he opened his store on U.S. 21 early this morning, Iredell County Sheriff’s deputies said.

Hoan Xuan Nguyen, 41, died at the scene, deputies said. He exchanged gunfire with his assailant, Iredell County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Rick Dowdle said. Dowdle said he didn’t know if the other person was shot.

Investigators have no suspects, but are reviewing the store’s surveillance tapes. Investigators do not know if anything is missing from the store.

November 29, 2005

South Patrick Shores, Florida

From Melbourne’s of November 29, 2005

No charges after man kills neighbor

Resident defending self, state says

A South Patrick Shores man was legally defending himself when he shot and killed a man pounding on his front door in September, a state attorney has ruled.

Volusia County State Attorney John Tanner has decided to drop a charge of manslaughter with a firearm against Gary Otto, 48. Otto faces no criminal charges in the nighttime shooting death of his Waterway Estates neighbor, Dan Twadell, 40, said Linda Pruitt, spokeswoman for Tanner’s office.

Otto was charged with manslaughter after shooting Twadell in the head at close range with a .357-caliber revolver. Otto and his 85-year-old father were sleeping when Twadell and three other men beat on the door and threatened to kill him, police reports show.

The dispute was sparked after someone slashed tires on two trucks in the driveway of Twadell’s Skylark Boulevard house. Twadell, a computer software engineer, had been drinking at Sports Page Bar in Satellite Beach hours before the shooting.

Twadell’s blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he confronted Otto, records show. His three companions also had been drinking.

In his ruling, Tanner wrote Florida’s “Castle Doctrine” law permitted Otto to use deadly force during “what appeared to be a home invasion type of violent attack.”

“Mr. Otto had good cause to fear for his life and personal safety and that of his elderly father,” Tanner stated.

Tanner investigated the case instead of the Brevard County State Attorney’s Office because Otto’s brother is a Titusville police commander.

November 29, 2005

Gary, Indiana

From the Merrillville Post-Tribune of November 29, 2005

Woman won’t face charges in killing

The woman who shot and killed her brother in a violent struggle inside the mobile home they shared is not expected to be charged, police said Monday.

Christie Jones, 29, was questioned in the death of her brother, Donald Jones, 34, who was shot several times as he tried to attack her about 1 a.m. Friday, police said.

Homicide Squad Detective Jeff Hemphill presented evidence to the Lake County prosecutor Monday. The case is being reviewed, but officials said it appears the woman acted in self defense and will not be charged.

“He had started choking her and threw her around. He threw her into the room where she kept her gun,” Detective Cpl. Thomas Decanter said.

It was the second violent outburst by Donald Jones in less than 24 hours.

How and why he was set free after he had been caught stealing from a neighbor’s trailer, then threatened the resident with a knife is unclear.

Chief Garnett Watson said Monday the incident is being reviewed.

“Detective (Jervean) Gates told me it was a mistake,” Dan McDonald said Monday.

McDonald was the victim of a break-in Thursday who confronted Jones and a woman as they rifled through his belongings.

“He was in my home, he kicked in my door and tried to kill me,” McDonald said.

Police responded to Glenview Mobile Home Park twice Thursday before apprehending Jones, who fled from officers. McDonald said even after the man was handcuffed and inside the squad car, he continued to threaten McDonald.

“I don’t want to see anyone dead, but he was obviously crazy. If he had wrestled the gun away from her, he could have come to my house,” McDonald said.

Residents in the mobile home park said Jones returned to the area in a stolen pickup and was driving in circles in a nearby vacant lot. He tried to sell the truck to a neighbor, but during the discussion saw his sister return home and went to speak to her.

“Ten minutes later, he was shot,” McDonald said.

McDonald said he wants answers on how Jones was released from jail so quickly.

“I’m outraged,” he said. “He didn’t have a bond. They just took a report and let him go. I’m still in shock from all of this.”

November 29, 2005

St. Robert, Missouri

From the Waynesville Daily Guide of November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving Day shooting injures one

A St. Robert man was severely beaten and a Waynesville man shot early Thanksgiving morning during an altercation in the Applewood Apartments on Highway Y north of St. Robert.

Roosevelt Overton, 18, of Waynesville, has been charged with first-degree burglary and is being held on a $100,000 bond, according to Pulaski County Sheriff J.B. King. A second person whose name has not been released was shot during the incident and fled to the Brookview Apartments. That man is in a Springfield hospital for medical treatment and awaiting surgery, King said.

“His condition is serious enough that he isn’t going anywhere anyway so it doesn’t matter (whether he is charged),” King said. “He took two or three hits and at least one of them to the chest and one to the face.”

King said he believes Overton, the person who was shot, and a third person went to the Applewood Apartments to confront another person on personal matters. The Applewood tenant was attacked, King said, and suffered serious injuries.

“He was beaten and choked with some kind of chain or cord around his neck,” King said. “I think he shot in self-defense, but I’m not sure.”